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Auto-Graphics constantly explores for creative ways to engage with our existing and potential new customers. One of the most recent ways was by hosting a “Name the A-G Owl” campaign on our various social media platforms. Someone in the Marketing department made the comment that the long-standing AG logo looked […]

July 2016 Employee Spotlight

Tarry Fam Pic January 2016

Employee Spotlight July 2016 Victor Tarry  [A-G]: How long have you been at A-G? [VT]: Since March 1st 2016 [A-G]: What do you do at A-G? [VT]: Consultant and sales of the VERSO ILS to libraries [A-G]: What was the last book you read? [VT]: The Daniel Plan by Rick Warren […]

Library Extension


The #1 Browser Extension that lets you instantly see book and e-book availability from your local library See your local library’s books as you browse for books! As you browse books and e-books, the Library Extension can check your library’s online catalog and displays the availability of that item on […]

Lots of Libraries


Is an abundance of libraries good for the profession, long term? If I were to take out a drawing compass, center the pin to my house in northeast Georgia, and draw some concentric circles, you would see that I live in an area served abundantly by public libraries.     The closest […]

June 2016 Employee Spotlight

Tricia and her daughter

Employee Spotlight June 2016 Tricia Hillard [A-G]: How long have you been at A-G? [TH]: Since April 4, 2016   [A-G]: What do you do at A-G? [TH]: Nationwide sales of our newest software, MONTAGEdc.   [A-G]: What was the last book you read? [TH]: Dream Land by Sam Quinones   […]

May 2016 Employee Spotlight


Employee Spotlight May 2016 Chuck Felten   [A-G]: How long have you been at A-G? [CF]: I have been with A-G for a little over a year.   [A-G]: What do you do at A-G? [CF]: I am the Director of Customer Service. So my group is responsible for both […]

Steps to Secure a Library

By Ian Chant on May 24, 2016 Don’t go alone One common mistake that Albrecht sees is an inclination of librarians to go it alone when attempting to address a potential security situation, often out of fear that they’ll be stigmatized for requesting help from coworkers. “People think if they […]

April 2016 Employee Spotlight

where the sidewalk ends

Auto-Graphics’ Employee Spotlight for April is Kevin Ibanez [A-G]: How long have you been at A-G? [KI]: It has been a year since I started touching code here at AG.   [A-G]: What do you do at A-G? [KI]: Helping my team in building a reliable software for our customers.  […]