The Future of Libraries, Part III

The American Library Association (ALA) has taken a proactive position by forming the Center for the Future of Libraries. The Center’s goal is to identify emerging trends of libraries, librarians and surrounding communities. Working with librarians across the United States, the Center’s information and data has worked to direct future innovations and plans.

The Future of Libraries – Part II

Now reinvented, the public library operates with its own rules, culture and evolving purpose in a symbiotic relationship with its surrounding community. With the birth and growth of the e-reader, librarians came close to waving the white flag. Pundits predicted the end of libraries, as we knew them, or at the very least, books. Publishers panicked and authors examined options.

The Future of Libraries

There’s just something intangibly provocative about libraries. Magical and ethereal and transformative. Pages of books ask age-old questions that have plagued humanity about life, nature and purpose. Seekers of knowledge choose among theories, answers and speculation. This is not a place of absolutes. It’s a space for modern debate, open challenge and fair consideration.