Library Spotlight for January is Mid-Plains Community College

Auto-Graphics, Inc. – – – January 2015 Library Spotlight
Mid-Plains Community College, North Platte, Nebraska

Tina J. Walker, Area Director of Learning Resources

1. What do you see as the challenges and rewards for your profession (or for the library)?
Challenges are easy to come up with. Mid-Plains CC has changing technology, changing ideals on what libraries’ goals and missions are supposed to be, staying relevant, and for some reason changes on the belief that librarians should have a MLS.
Rewards are generally for helping the patrons accomplish something they can’t do on their own. Seeing people relieved that they accomplished something is a big reward.

2. What “makes your day”?
Being able to help multiple people with various needs. Making a difference in a committee meeting or with patrons as well.

3. What do you see as the major challenge facing your library?
Trying to get the college leaders to comprehend our services and what impact Mid-Plains CC can have on success and retention of the students.

4. What major changes have you made or are you planning to make in the coming years?
We moved our reference collection into the general collection. We are e-book heavy with 3:1 ratio of eBook to print books. Redeveloped the atmosphere of the library to a more social setting for group work and studying. Expanding the computers available to patrons.

5. Is there something unique about your library that you would like to share?
Our McCook campus is the first Junior college in Nebraska. The library was started with 100% donations from the community.

6. What is something most people don’t know about your library?
Mid-Plains CC is a public library and community users can utilize our resources just as students can.

7. Who is the oldest patron is your library?
I would say our oldest patron is about 90+. He is a local retired teacher that still does research on history events. A very nice gentleman that keeps our ILL busy.

8. Youngest?
We have nontraditional students that bring their kids in to study. We see children as young as 6 weeks old sitting next to mom at the computer. We have a children’s section as well to accommodate them.

9. What is the oldest book in your collection?
1857 – History of the Indian tribes of the United States: their present condition and prospects and a sketch of their ancient status.

10. What is the most circulated book?
History required reading list of books

11. What book has the most copies?
We don’t keep duplicates. There are a few English Literature novels that we have 2 copies of for class use, but most items are quantity 1.

12. What year was your library built?
1971 McCook campus and 1965 North Platte campus


13. What is the longest overdue book ever returned?
To memory just over a year. A student tried to return to school and couldn’t because of a library hold so they returned the book. We had already billed for and replaced the book so in reality they still paid for it.

14. What year was your library founded?
Same as built I assume

15. What year did you start using Auto-Graphics’ software?

16. What is your annual circulation?

17. How many staff do you have in your library?
3 full-time and 5 part-time staff

18. Do you know what book is checked out the most?
Usually the books required for our history class in North Platte. They are reused each semester as part of a required reading list.

19. What are some annual events that your library participates in?
Summer reading, book drives, Friends of the Library, etc. Better World Books recycling program/non-profit donation program and One Book One Nebraska, National Library Month, and other library related holiday celebrations

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A-G would like to extend a special thanks to Tina J. Walker, Area Director of Learning Resources, Mid-Plains Community College for the information provided in this article and thanks as well to MPCC for their use of A-G’s VERSO ILS software.

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