Benefits of SaaS: Easy Customization

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This is part two of five in a series exploring the benefits of Software as a Service, or SaaS.

We previously discussed how Software as a Service, or SaaS, can save your library money, as well as allow for painless upgrades and enhancements. Today we’re going to chat with you about another benefit of SaaS- its ability to offer your library painless upgrades and enhancements.

Libraries have unique workflow needs and as such, it’s imperative that they can customize their software to suit those needs and better serve their patrons. We decided to architect our software in a way that gives libraries the ability to customize their software at the library, staff, and patron level. This architecture ensures that customization settings are always preserved. Moreover, SaaS guarantees that enhancements are made available with greater frequency and with greater transparency to the patron.

In today’s modern library, it is of vital importance that customers can customize their software to fit the unique needs of their site. Using SaaS, instead of a traditional software licensing agreement model, gives libraries this flexibility.

Does your library use SaaS? Why or why not?

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