Exclusive: Tina Walker, Area Director of Learning Resources at Mid-Plains Community College, Tells Us About the SUPERNAP


Of all the events during ALA 2014 in Las Vegas (including the gambling), one of my favorite activities was visiting the SUPERNAP facility owned by Switch Company. I was able to go on this fabulous tour thanks to the folks at Auto-Graphics, my ILS provider. I know what I am about to say will show my real inner-geek, but this facility is truly state of the art and a leader in “technology ecosystems providing…unrivaled collocation, connectivity, cloud and collaboration environments (SUPERNAP).” What on earth does that mean?


These SUPERNAP facilities provide environmentally-controlled storage space for many companies’ servers and hardware to run their online companies and cloud storage spaces, and also have built in superfast internet speed, unparalleled anywhere else. For example, we stood next to eBay and Amazon! Well not exactly, but we were standing next to the eBay and Amazon servers and hardware that are the heart and soul of those companies. Could eBay and Amazon run without servers? And could you imagine if these servers ran on ½ the speed? I think not.


So if you have any interest in networking (servers, cabinets or racks, wiring, T-SCIFS, etc.), you would be in awe these great setups inside the SUPERNAP facilities– oh wait, I’m sorry, these facilities are so secure you can’t just drop in and visit. I used to work in a prison, and the control center of these facilities rivals that of a prison. I was absolutely surprised by the security in place, including the…oops, sorry can’t share anything we learned! For the information we can share, the folks at Switch know how to run a top notch facility – they even have patents pending on equipment such as the T-SCIFS. Although we couldn’t take any pictures, I did find this great slideshow on their website: http://www.supernap.com/supernap-gallery-fullscreen/. So, take a look at this awesome setup; the red/black/metal color scheme is amazing and futuristic, just like Switch, Inc.


Tina Walker, Area Director of Learning Resources
Mid-Plains Community College



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