February 2016 Employee Spotlight

Auto-Graphics’ Employee Spotlight for February is
Michele Harris

Dallas Marquette

[A-G]: How long have you been at A-G?
[MH]: I have been with A-G since October 2015.

[A-G]: What do you do at A-G?
[MH]: My primary function at A-G is the project management of RFP data compilation. It is I who will hunt you down when information is needed for an RFP submission.

[A-G]: What was the last book you read?
[MH]: “Wake Up Happy” by Michael Strahan wake up happy

[A-G]: What is something that we’d be surprised to learn about you?
[MH]: I am an encyclopedia of medical knowledge. My son has been one medical disaster after another. He should have been born with a warning label and wrapped in bubble wrap.

[A-G]: If you could be any fictional character, who would you be?
[MH]: Pippi Longstockings. While not much of a fashionista, what better example of how I would want my own daughter to be like. Besides her supernatural strength and unpredictable actions, Pippi exemplifies whimsical confidence and the refusal to want to grow up.She has not or refuses to follow in the opinions of what is expected and conforming for a young girl in normal society.pippi longstockings

[A-G]: What impacts has the library/library industry had on you personally throughout your life?
[MH]: Growing up during a time where it was an honor to even have a set of encyclopedias, I frequented the library often. While my children were younger we enjoyed going to the library and filling up their bags with the maximum amount of books. Despite all of the technology today, I enjoy the feel of a books’ pages between my fingers.

[A-G]: What is your favorite part about your job at A-G?
[MH]: I enjoy dealing with all of the characters that I interact with during the RFP process. If I ever seem pushy, blame it on the RFP.

[A-G]: Thank you for your time Michele and we’re happy to have you on our team!

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