Tip of the Day: Maintaining System Alerts in SHAREit

More and more resource sharing consortia are operating their interlibrary loan environments in what we call a “hybrid” configuration.  In years past, a statewide resource sharing system might have relied more heavily on maintaining a large physical union catalog of records from participating libraries; today there is a trend toward configuring a network of Z39.50 targets.  In this type of environment, the consortium can knit together any number of disparate library catalogs into a single searchable virtual union catalog.

The key to successfully operating a hybrid resource sharing system is ensuring that the various Z39.50 targets are configured properly and that they remain consistently accessible.  SHAREit has added a new optional alert service that can greatly assist the system administrator in monitoring the targets in his or her network.

The System Alert Manager allows administrators to set up automatic, scheduled checking of some or all of the Z39.50 targets in the system.  Validation can be scheduled at intervals from every 5 minutes to every 24 hours.   If a target is not responding for any reason, the system will send an alert to the administrator, so s/he can address the issue and get it resolved.  This early warning system can help the administrator keep up with monitoring all of the Z-Targets in the system.

The Alert Manager can also be configured to monitor NCIP connections in the same manner; and can detect and log any NCIP errors that are received via the resource sharing system.


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