VERSO 4 FAQ: What Will Change with the Upgrade?

(This is part two of six in a series of FAQs about VERSO 4)

VERSO 4 was introduced to current VERSO customers in a series of webinars that took place in March and April 2014. Several hundred of you attended these sessions. If you want to review one of the VERSO 4 Preview webinars, you can stream a video of the session here.  At the end of each presentation, people asked us about the new look and feel, features, migration, and other questions. We compiled these questions (and answers) into the FAQ below:

Will I need to download a new Cataloging Module, or is this compatible?

  • There is no need to download a new cataloging module – VERSO 4 uses the same AGCat application as did Iluminar and Classic.
  • Note that Auto-Graphics normally updates AGCat once or twice a year to reflect changes in Library of Congress rules, and to make enhancements and improvements in the software. This will not change.

Will cataloging features be affected by the upgrade?

  • No. In fact, we have made it a bit easier for staff (with permission) to edit bibliographic records by adding an “Edit Bib Record” button on the MARC Display tab when viewing a full bibliographic record.

Will I lose my history with the upgrade?

  • If a patron has opted in to saving checkout history, he/she will not lose the list of items previously checked out. That data is retained across the system until the user opts out.
  • Patrons will lose their search history (last twenty searches) in the move to VERSO 4.

Will all passwords and logins remain the same with the upgrade?

  • Yes. Passwords and logins will not change.

Will our library’s Auto-Graphics’ website change?

  • Yes, the splash page will change. Please see the earlier questions about branding and splash pages for additional information.

Will this affect ILL?

  • VERSO 4 will affect the appearance of SHAREit ILL, just as it does the appearance of VERSO. Functionally, however, ILL (ShareIT) has not changed.

Will patrons blocked in Illuminar continue to be blocked?

  • Yes. All patrons with circulation transactions (e.g. items out, items lost, fines, blocks, etc.) will retain those transactions. If a patron is blocked because of a transaction, they will continue to be blocked.

Will the latest version of VERSO function as a library catalog/library website?

  • Yes, it can. VERSO 4 facilitates this in several ways:
    – Widgets: Improving on the widget capability in Iluminar, VERSO 4 widgets are selectable with many different sizes, as well as horizontal or vertical. Widgets can have colored backgrounds, image backgrounds, and contain both text and outbound links. Widgets now allow multiple sized fonts and colors, and can also link to (and represent) streaming audio and video clips.
    – Multiple tabs on splash pages: Iluminar only allowed a single splash page whereas VERSO 4 allows as many as 10 splash page tabs;, meaning that a library could create tabs for events, for different patron groups, for different collections, all within the framework of the library’s home page.
    – Colors: VERSO 4 comes with eight built-in color schemes. If the library wants to “brand” itself with some local colors, VERSO also includes a color palette. The library can create its own color scheme and apply it across the system as well.
    – Logo and identity: The top of each screen displays the library’s name. If desired, the library can upload its logo and have it displayed in addition to the name.

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