Where’s My Playaway?

Discovering and requesting the proper media format is crucial to success in Resource Sharing activities.  SHAREit facilitates that success through its ability to parse the bibliographic results into over 45 individual and distinct formats – from AudioBook to Videocassette – and everything in between.

In SHAREit, the Request This Item button is hidden on records that represent electronic content which is downloadable or available online; this prevents users from attempting to request items that are not in a physical format.

Suppression of the Request button is based on the MARC coding of the bibliographic record.  That is, if the record is coded as eBook, eAudioBook, eMusic, eMap, eSerial, eVideo –there will be no Request button displayed.

However, successful use of the expanded formats depends on accurate coding of the bibliographic records in the MARC control fields.

Playaway is a specific brand name for an all-in-one AudioBook format that has become popular with library patrons.   So for example, if a bibliographic record for such an AudioBook format is properly coded as an “AudioBook Player,” there will be a Request button displayed with the record.  An AudioBook Player (such as a Playaway) is a physical device that the library could theoretically loan.

But many bibliographic records for Playaway devices have been incorrectly cataloged as eAudioBooks.  In that case the record would not show a Request button, and there would be no way for users to request the item.

If you are wondering why a particular Playaway bib record is not showing a button for users to request it, it could be improperly cataloged as an eAudioBook  rather than as an AudioBook Player.

It is a subtle but important distinction.


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